Just Flour is a milling company based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. From honest, humble beginnings in 2000, we’ve grown to supply a variety of blue chip "bakers" in the industry. Through our passion for the milling industry, hard work, dedication and commitment to the success of our clients, Just Flour has established a reputable name for itself in the industry, continually striving to exceed expectations from both our smaller bakery clientele as well as our large scale professional bakers.

From our two operations, the more conventional roller-mill, producing industrial bread, cake flours and digestive bran products to a traditional stone mill where we create ‘specialty’ flours, We boast the flexibility to devise customized solutions for bakers on all wheaten products, delivering consistently good flour at the right price with excellent back-up support.

Just Flour is here to work with you to ensure success at your bakery!

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